samedi 11 février 2017

My hopes and goals

Hello everyone, today I'll speak to you about my hopes and goals for the futur. You have to now that when I was aged 5, I wanted to be a football player because I love this sport and I play it almost every day . But now I've changed and I want to work with the state in morocco i'd love to be a military .
My dad works with the state so I'd like to be like him.

I hope you enjoyed readind my article and thanks.

3 commentaires:

  1. you should definitely join the military. I'm going to join the military to be a Drone is a great thing you will learn many skills and once you leave you will be able to take those skills to a other job

  2. Hi, following after your dad would be really cool and I'm sure he will be proud. I hope that you are able to work in the military one day in the future. Do you play on a football team? If so what position do you play? I'd like to learn more about you if you get a chance you should check out my blog, there is a link below.

  3. Hello, I think that joining the military is a great idea, my brother recently got out of the Marines back in June and he said it was a great expierence and would defiantly recommend it. Are you currently on a football team? When I was little I used to cheer for a football team called the Huskies. I hope to learn more about you and your future decisions!:)